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About Us

About Seaboard Agency

Seaboard Agency, LLC is a Florida insurance company specializing in property insurance including windstorm and flood, health insurance through the Marketplace or carrier direct, and employee benefit plans.
     Seaboard represents the highest rated and largest insurance companies. This provides us with the opportunity to place business with the most suitable insurance program to meet an individual's needs or business objectives. We research companies and products, evaluate options, and provide information and recommendations so that all insurance coverage is suitable and cost effective. We were established in Key West, FL in 2011 and now serve customers throughout the state.
About Seabord Agency
Assistance Programs
Federal Assistance
     1) - The federal marketplace offers major medical insurance with financial assistance in certain circumstances.
                                     a) - Eligibility for the Premium Tax Credit for individuals and families.
                                     b) - Small Business Health Care Tax Credit.
     2) Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) - Provides health insurance for eligible children.
     3) - Helps with medical costs through various programs for some people with limited income and resources.
State Assistance

     1) Medicaid - Florida Department of Children and Families provides medical coverage to low-income individuals and families.
     2) Florida KidCare - Offers medical and dental insurance to eligible children.


"We received a lot of insurance quotes for our new home. The staff at Seaboard was very responsive and they ultimately gave us the most affordable insurance policy."

Anna G.

"They were efficient and friendly."

Steve T.

“Seaboard Agency gave our retail business a cost effective insurance policy. They took the time to examine our situation and made recommendations to help us manage risk. They treated us great."

Fran W.

“I was able to get health insurance for myself and my children at a reasonable price.  I am very grateful.”

Allison B.

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